Whale Watching Experience

Located at the north end of Banderas Bay, the Marietas Islands are the ideal spot for whale watching and snorkeling.

Brought to the international attention by scientists like Jacques Cousteau, the Marietas Islands are an UNESCO protected area since the late 1960's. A wildlife sanctuary and aquatic reserve, the islands are home to a huge and diverse number of aquatic species, including: giant turtles, manta rays, tropical fishes and the playful bottlenose dolphin. Snorkelers are constantly amazed by the beauty of the reefs and their inhabitants.

On these rocky volcanic islands, wind and water have created a warren of caverns and coves. Tens of thousands of birds reside on these rocks, with species like the Blue-footed Booby nesting in only two places in the world - the Galapagos Islands and the Marietas Islands.

Sayulita Entourage - Whale Watching 01
Sayulita Entourage - Whale Watching 02

The Unforgettable

During the winter months, a large number of humpback whales migrate to the Mexican Pacific coast to mate and breed.

Between December and March, they make their spectacular appearances in Banderas Bay.

A whale sighting is certainly a breathtaking experience and at Sayulita Entourage we are proud of being part, everyday, of this extraordinary moment. Whether you are looking for a bespoke family adventure, a romantic excursion, or the best way to take incredible pictures, our 22 foot FULLY LICENSED panga and our experienced captain are able to bring you within yards to these magnificent mammals.



Baby whale and its mama