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An intimate and personalized eco-discovery snorkeling experience

Amaze yourself with something you’ve never done before

Things to do in Sayulita - the best Eco Excursions

We had an amazing time on this trip!

Communication was prompt, and meeting up was very smooth. Manuel and Edgar were the best tour guides! They were very attentive and helpful in making sure we all felt safe and had the best time. They were also very knowledgeable of the area, and we learned so much about the islands and the bay. Not to mention, we saw so many whales, dolphins, birds, and even a sea lion! I would highly recommend to anyone visiting the Banderas Bay area. Thank you so much for the truly unforgettable experience!

Melody C.

Amazing Staff!!!!

I would like to highly recommend these guys! Your safety matters first and foremost to them!! At all times they made sure you were safe getting in and out of the boat, while in the water, and on land. It was their main priority other than making sure you had a fantastic time. Very professional, courteous, and caring!! Infinity stars! Five is just not enough...

Danielle M.

These guys did a great job!

These guys did a great job! We did a 3 hour whale watching/snorkeling tour with Manuel and Edgar and they surpassed all expectations. Not only were they fun and enjoyable to spend the time with, they were thoughtful and conscientious about the whales and protecting the islands. We saw a ton of whales, snorkeled with beautiful fish (including a puffer fish) and walked on a private beach that Manuel knew about. I would definitely recommend Sayulita Entourage for your next trip.

Luna T.


Don’t take our word for it. Here’s what our clients say

Many adventures await you above and below the ocean of the Banderas Bay.

Take the opportunity to immerse yourself in these spectacular surroundings, joining one of the many eco friendly excursions we offer you.

Dolphins, turtles and many colorful tropical fish call the Marietas Islands National Park home, providing memorable adventures for divers and snorkelers alike.

Hundreds of birds nest on its uninhabited land, the blue footed boobies the most famous among them.

Humpback whales thrill visitors with their playful behaviour, showing their babies the ways of the world and breaching in the blue water of the Bay during the winter months.

Many adventures to experience and satisfy even the most eager explorer!

A complete ocean experience 


Meet the giants of the sea

Whale season in Banderas Bay begins in December and runs through March. During those winter months the bay becames the hub for the Humpback whales to breed and reproduce as they migrate from the arctic to give birth to their calf and mate in the sheltered coasts of the bay and warmer waters of the mexican Pacific Ocean. A whale sighting is certainly a breathtaking experience and at Sayulita Entourage we are proud of being part, everyday, of this extraordinary moment.  Humpback whales swimming and breaching, males chasing each other trying to win the female attencion, the whole Banderas Bay becames the setting of one of the most amazing and breathtaking experience and with our tour guide’s extensive expertise, you’ll get to know all about these amazing sea mammals. Generally part of our Marietas adventure excursion, the whale watching experience can be booked separetely upon request.


The most famous beach in Mexico hidden inside an island

The Hidden Beach or Playa del Amor is definitely the most popular and photographed part of Marietas Islands.

The swim through a rocky arch to get to it, its very peculiar shape, reminding of a volcanic crater, and the cristal clear water in there, make this place an unic location, its visit a once in a life time experience. To help preserve its beauty and the flora and fauna around it, only 116 visitors a day with prior reservation are allowed in there. The Hidden Beach visit can be add upon request to our standart eco discovery snorkleing adventure.


Under every rock‚ behind every reef‚ a new discovery awaits

As a snorkleing location, Marietas Islands are considered to be one of the best in the area. An UNESCO protected site, the Marietas Islands are the best setting for an unforgettable journey into the wildlife.

The biodiversity of the area with a 115 diferent fish swimming in their water and 92 species of birds nesting there, granted the islands the title of National Park. Here you can swim in clear waters, relax on pristine beaches, and snorkel in natural coves. Marietas Islands are definitely a must see during your vacation in the Nayarit Riviera.

Stephane Panetta

Born in 1970 in France, Stephane learnt to dive in Lake Annecy. A few years later, in his 20s, he received his PADI certification as a professional diving instructor and began travelling. During the years he has tought in the Caribbean, the Dominican Republic and Mexico. In 2000, he moved to Sayulita, where the business is now based.

Owner & Padi Instructor #917839

Roberta Commisso

Originaly from Italy, Roberta moved to Mexico in 2009. Here she joined forces with Stephane to create what is now Sayulita Entourage. She is the first contact with Sayulita Entourage, the one dealing with reservations and customer support. "La Patrona" as the boys like to call her, is also a certified guide for Marietas Islands National Park and a recreational diver.

Co-owner and Front Desk

Oscar Gomez

The man behind the scenes, Oscar, sets up the bases for all of us to work smoothly. In charge of the equipment maintenance, he also takes care of the diving tanks filling station. Oscar is also the one driving our guests from Sayulita to the boat in Punta de Mita everyday, the first smiling face you will see when checking in at Sayulita Entourage office.

Equipment Manager

Christian Hauser

Born and raised in Mexico, Christian learnt diving in the water of the Banderas Bay. His deep connection with the area and love for the ocean, keep him busy in different local projects aiming to raise awareness and help in the conservation of our beautiful Banderas Bay. Very passionate about underwater photography, you can also hire Christian to take pictures and videos during your diving adventures.

Padi Instructor #364176

Franco Gonzalez

An original Vallartense, Franco has been diving around the Banderas Bay since a young age. 

A certified PADI divemaster, Franco is also a marine biologist. 

His extensive knowledge of the area, his enthusiasm and love for his profession makes Franco one of the best dive guides you could find around.

Padi Dive Master #362084

Edgar Loza

Born and raised in Punta de Mita, Edgar has been with Sayulita Entourage for many years. His experience as boat captain is extensive and comes with the deeper knowledge of the Bay and its waters. He has the biggest smile you will see during your Mexican vacations!


Manuel Ortega

Everyone around calls him Palma so do we! Like Edgar, Palma was born in the area and has been working in the ocean since young age. A trained boat captain as well, at Sayulita Entourage he is in charge of our snorkeling excursions. He loves his job, he enjoys being with people and mostly he likes to tell stories, so be ready!

Snorkeling Guide

Hector Reginald Velasco

A key presence among the Entourage team, you can meet Hector at the office or out in the ocean leading our many snorkeling excursions. Born in Mexico City, Hector moved to Puerto Vallarta many years ago; working on boats since then, he now knows the water of the Bay and its inhabitants extensively.  Hector is kind, knowledgeable and a great person all-around, either for a chat at the office while taking your reservation or to spend a few hours together while guiding your excursion.

Front Desk and Snorkeling Guide

Jose Salcedo

Jose, aka Picudo, has become a constant presence in our daily operations; a skilled and experienced boat captain, he and Carlos are the hosts on board of our sister boat "Orion".

Growing busier and busier everyday, at Entourage we can rely on their expertise, when a second boat is necessary to run our excursions and accommodate all our guests. 

Boat Captain

Carlos Gomez

Knowledgeable and enthusiastic, Carlos is the snorkeling guide on board of our sister boat "Orion".

Professional, safety oriented and an enjoyable person to spend time with, we can gladly count on him to take care of all our snorkelers. Growing busier and busier everyday, at Entourage we can rely on Carlos and Picudo expertise, when a second boat is necessary to run our excursions and accommodate all our guests. 

Snorkeling Guide


Meet our amazing staff

Our crew makes the difference: people with experience and super friendly professionals in love with the ocean.


A safe and easy way to move around the bay

Panga boats are the most commonly used in the area to run diving operations and the most suitable vessels to navigate our waters.

We carry our operations on fully equipped pangas with capacity ranging between 8 to 12 passengers plus 2 crew members, making our trips great for small groups. With new 150 HP Yamaha engines, our boats can safely navigate and access all our destinations.

Fully equipped for diving, with roof, ladder, cooler and floatation jackets on board to ensure a pleasant and safe journey at all times.

Discover our Dive Center



Marietas Islands: all you need to know about our own mexican Galapagos

An iconic natural site you shouldn't miss, when visiting Puerto Vallarta.

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