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Privacy Policy

Sayulita Entourage It is a legal entity properly incorporated according to the laws of Mexico, located at Calle Manuel R Sanchez, Sayulita, in the Municipality of Bahia de Banderas, Nayarit.


COMMERCIAL NAME Sayulita Entourage

RAZON SOCIAL Stephane Jean Louis Panetta 


Your privacy and trust are very important for Sayulita Entourage. therefore we want to ensure that you are aware of the measures we implemented to safeguard the privacy, integrity, processing and protection of your information, in accordance with the Personal Data Protection Federal Law, published in the Official Journal dated July 5th, 2010 ("Personal Data Law").

Identity of the "Responsible Party"

Data Gathering

Sayulita Entourage, may obtain personal data from you ("Personal Data") and/or ("Financial Data") that may be necessary for the adequate rendering of its services ("The Services").

Said Personal and/or Financial data may include but is not limited to the following:

  • Full name.

  • Contact information such as address, telephones, fax, cell phone and e-mail.

  • Personal identification data such as age, gender, marital status and nationality. 

  • Governmental information such as Federal Taxpayers Registration Number (RFC) and/or the Personal Identification Number (CURP).

  • Third party's information such as, relative´s names and companions in relation to the Services provided by the Company.

  • Emergency contact information

  • Credit card and bank account numbers.

Data Processing Purpose

The Personal and/or Financial Data that you provide shall be used for the following purposes:

  • The execution of all the activities related to fulfill the requested services, including but not limited to: requests processing, services administration, as well as the collection, clarification, investigation and billing of charges related to the services.

  • The offering, administration and promotion of the services.

  • The offering and issuance of insurances related to the Services.

  • The offering of products, promotions and benefits associated with the services and with the establishments that accept them, through electronic, telephone and printed media.

  • The creation and implementation of statistical and analytic processes.

  • Carrying out the collection and payments related to the Services.  

  • The execution of any complementary activity necessary for fulfilling Services.

  • Contacting the designated persons in case of emergency. 

  • Carry out inquiries, investigations and reviews relating to complaints or claims.

  • Contacting doctors and other personnel related to the Services.

  • Contact you for any Services related topic or regarding the Privacy Notice.

Personal and/or Financial Data Disclosure Rights

Since the processing of Personal and Financial Data is required to offer the Services, there is a possibility that Sayulita Entourage requires to disclose it to Affiliated Companies, non affiliated third parties , as well as our Commercial Associates and External Consultants, therefore the consent is given to share it with the following companies:

Non Affiliated Third parties

Sayulita Entourage shall disclose your Personal and Financial Data to services providers supporting or complementing the Services.

For this website to work we use the following service providers under their own privacy regulamentation:

Hosting: Wix

Platform: Wix

Mailing: Gmail

Payment process: Paypal

Analytic studies: Google Analytics

Commercial Associates

Sayulita Entourage shall disclose your Personal and Financial Data to commercial partners with the aim of operating the complementary services such as, Insurance Companies and Agents that operate along with Sayulita Entourage some kind of software or programs, as well as any data processing infrastructure that works as a platform for the Services.

External Consultants

Sayulita Entourage shall disclose your Personal and Financial Data to external consultants for collections related to the Services and to assist Sayulita Entourage regarding any legal controversy that may arise because of the Services, such as Collection Agencies or External Auditors (legal and accounting).

Means to enforce "ACCO Rights"

According to the Personal Data Law, you have the right to exercise at any moment your Access, Correction, Cancellation and Opposition rights ("ACCO Right ") directly before the Company.


You shall be able to request information on the Personal and/or Financial Data that Sayulita Entourage has on file.


In case some information is not accurate or is wrong, you shall have the right to request its correction. For your protection and benefit, it may be necessary to request documentation that supports the corrections that you wish to carry out.


You shall be able to cancel the Personal and/or Financial Data that Sayulita Entourage has on files once the services have finished, you shall be notified, understanding that the Company shall not be required to cancel the data in such events stated in the Data Protection Law.


You will have the right at any time to oppose the processing of your Personal and/or Financial Data. Sayulita Entourage shall not be required to stop the data processing in those cases specified by the Data Protection Law.


The exercise of your ACCO Rights is free of charge; Sayulita Entourage shall only request the payment of only the justified shipping expenses or reproduction of the information costs, in the event that some of the data is not accurate or wrong.

Revocation of consent

According to the Personal Data Law, you have the right to exercise at any moment a revocation of consent regarding the Data processing, according to the rules stated in number 5 above, and in accordance with the Data Law.

Changes to the Privacy Notice

Any change carried out in the Privacy Notice shall be carried out by Sayulita Entourage by publishing them on our page and/or by e-mail.

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